The attention-grabbing Tesla Model 3 makes Model X reviews like this one a rare find.

We don't get enough opportunity to talk about the Tesla Model X. Many eyes and ears have been laser-focused on Model 3 news for some time now. Not to mention that Tesla's flagship Model S still attracts plenty of media coverage. However, in the U.S., vehicles like the Model X are massively popular. Growing families are buying up SUVs and crossovers as if they may soon disappear. Nonetheless, the Model X got off to a bit of a rough start and has arguably never really lived up to its sedan siblings in the eyes of some people. decides it's time to "demystify" the "buzz" around this truly unique vehicle.'s Joe Bruzek calls the Tesla Model X "unique" and "worthy" of the buzz it creates. It's available in multiple configurations, though the vehicle Cars is testing seats seven passengers and offer 295 miles of range. Range is generally first and foremost when it comes to EVs, so Joe says he was closely tracking the crossover's estimated miles early on. However, he learned quickly that it has no issue with providing what the EPA says it will provide, which means very little range anxiety in this family hauler. He also mentions that having access to the Supercharger network is significant.

Joe says the feature set in the Model X simply makes life easier. It causes to him wonder why other automakers aren't following suit. He especially loves the functionality of the steering-wheel-mounted controls, as well as the vehicle's air suspension, which offers many ride heights and GPS tagging. Additionally, Joe also calls the car's cabin preconditioning, backup camera, and large touch screen exceptional.

Other takeaways:

  • Third row is difficult to access, especially for adults
  • While the third row is tight for adults, they can fit back there for short trips
  • Instant acceleration is terrific, and this is only the mid-range model
  • Ride quality is not to the level of most luxury SUVs
  • Phone integration is "flat out disappointing." Feels five years behind.
  • Tesla Autopilot is arguably the best semi-autonomous system out there, but there are quirks
  • Over-the-air updates give the Model X a significant advantage over the competition
How about those Falcon Wing doors? Watch the video to get Joe's opinion.

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The buzz around the Tesla Model X is more like the deafening roar of a Boeing 747. If you’re curious about what makes the Model X so special, we demystify it for you here.


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