YouTuber DÆrik gives us a glimpse from the show floor of several electric models

There have been some amazing concepts and one-off custom electrics on display at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) auto show. YouTuber DÆrik of was there for the festivities.  Naturally, he grabbed footage of several electric models that have gotten the EV community talking over the past week.

For the complete footage, check out the video above! Here is a quick run down of some of the models featured in the video:

Chevy Camaro eCOPO Electric Concept


Chevrolet has dipped their toes into the electric sports car space by announcing the all electric Chevy Camaro eCOPO. The eCOPO was developed in partnership between General Motors and the drag racing team Hancock and Lane Racing. Since the concept was specifically built for the track, it has a relatively small 32 kWh pack and an 800-volt battery for quick charging.  The car is expected to have a 9 second quarter-mile time, besting even the top end Tesla Model S P100D. Although the upcoming Tesla Roadster will likely put the eCOPO in it's place.

Chevy Bolt EV Panel Van


The Chevy Bolt EV has been transformed into a work van with a complete interior overhaul including a lined cargo area. This Chevy Bolt was created as a support vehicle for the recently announced Chevy Camaro eCOPO concept, also on display at SEMA 2018. The van was designed to carry tools and parts including a spare electric motor. But the electric hatch could easily serve as a local delivery vehicle as well.

Unplugged Performance Widebody Tesla Model S


Unplugged Performance is not new to expensive custom Tesla upgrades like this Tesla Model S P100D. Their newly announced S-APEX Complete Vehicle Program is probably among their priciest options. But these cars will be built to a buyer's particular specifications. According to Unplugged Performance: "The options for exterior and interior personalization are nearly limitless, as the team at Unplugged has access to a wide array of rare and exotic interior materials, and possesses a deep in-house expertise in carbon fiber composites, fabrication, prototyping and bespoke performance vehicle production."

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