With winter coming, we're all interested in how well the Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive performs in the snow.

Winter has arrived in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere in recent days. And that means snow & ice in most daily driving situations. While most newer Tesla Model S and Model X owners can rely on the dual-motor AWD (All Wheel Drive) powertrain, for Model 3 owners, it's a bit different.

Thanks to the way the Fremont based carmaker rolled out different versions of the Model 3, there are a lot more owners that ordered the Model 3 with the RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) option - when compared to its bigger siblings. And that puts them in a rather interesting situation, usually reserved for the mid-range models from the German carmakers.

Certainly, winter tires are the most crucial aspect of winter conditions driving safety. However, advanced traction & stability control systems in the cars themselves play a premium role in modern cars as well. The video below, done by DaxM, gives us a rather thorough test of winter driving conditions. The author - coming from Canada - seemingly tested all the possible scenarios his Tesla Model 3 RWD could find itself in.

While the first part of the video showcases general, uneventful driving in slushy conditions on a general public road, the latter part of the video is shot at a snow-filled parking lot. A perfect proving ground for the winter capabilities of this Model 3 RWD. The videographer showcases several modes in which he starts with his Model 3. Ranging from a slow 1/2 throttle start without the no chill mode and slip start, all the way to full throttle and slip start modes. Overall, the Model 3 fairs excellent and its traction control mode is seemingly without flaws.

Grab a detailed look at the winter test drive up above.

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