More bad news from Faraday these days.

According to The Verge, Peter Savagian - Senior VP, Engineering at Faraday Future - departed the company, which could be another major blow after problems with raising capital to complete and launch its electric car FF 91.

***UPDATE: Faraday Future founding executive Dag Reckhorn has resigned, leaving Jia Yueting as the sole remaining founding executive. His departure letter explained the decision in part:

I am heartbroken to have to let you know, that I will leave FF effective today. There are legalities that force me to do so. Please do not believe that I am ditching the best team I ever worked with.”

***UPDATE: Faraday Future founding executive Nick Sampson has resigned, effective immediately. He wrote this in an email obtained by The Verge:

The company is effectively insolvent in both its financial and personnel assets, it will at best will limp along for the foreseeable future. I feel that my role in Faraday Future is no long a path that I can follow, so I will leave the company, effective immediately,” Sampson wrote. “I cannot continue knowing the devestating impact we are having on the lives of our employees, their families and loved ones as we as the ripple effect this will have on lives throughout our suppliers and the industry as a whole.”

Savagian was former chief engineer of GM's EV1 (18 years at GM in total), and joined FF in 2016 becoming one of the key people in the company leading the development of the powertrain and battery:

"“He’s the backbone of the company,” says one former employee who requested anonymity because they signed a nondisclosure agreement. “That was THE guy,” says another."

Faraday Future sadly was forced to cut salaries and lay off workers. As we understand, without a new investor there is little chance that the company will finally deliver the product.

The article notes that there are still other execs on-board, like former director of Tesla Model S manufacturing - Dag Reckhorn.

Source: The Verge

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