The diesel car market share shrinks in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands could become the first member of the European Union where the diesel car market share will be lower than Alternative Fuelled Vehicles (AFVs). We have seen such a situation in Norway, but Norway is not in EU.

In August, sales of diesel amounted to 12%, while AFVs some 10%, out of which 42% were BEVs, 41% HEVs, and the remaining 17% included PHEVs. During the first eight months, most of the plug-ins were sold by Tesla (2,327 Model S and 1,319 Model X).

As hybrids and plug-ins are expanding, there is no big perspective for diesel.

All-electric car sales are expected to accelerate in the final months of lower BIK (Benefit in Kind) tax, which could weaken demand in early 2019, but ultimately there is no other way - for electric - then up.

BIK (Benefit in Kind) tax:

  • Current BEV BIK tax: 4% for full price
  • From January 1, 2019: 4% tax will be applied only to the amount of up to €50,000. The amount above €50,000 will be taxed 22%

Source: AID analyst Matthias Schmidt (

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