Tesla calls this door-to-door service Tesla Direct

For Tesla, with the end of production hell, came the beginning of delivery hell. Simply put, the number of vehicles produced are overstretching the thin delivery & logistics lines for the U.S carmaker. Now, in another initiative to speed up deliveries in the last few days of the quarter, Tesla has rolled out a completely new delivery service.

Hence, this past weekend, a door-to-door service called "Tesla Direct" became operational. From what we've learned, this is only available in the Los Angeles metro area, where Jeremy Pomp, Tesla's local delivery manager, reached out to customers, offering the new service.

According to an e-mail that the delivery manager sent out, Tesla is helping deliver brand new Model 3s to their customers by hand. Tesla allows the vehicles to be delivered either to your home or the office, negating any difficulties like plowing through traffic or wasting precious time to pick up your brand new Model 3 at a Tesla delivery center.

I am helping hand deliver your Tesla Model 3 in the LA Metro area. This door-to-door service is called Tesla Direct. This Saturday and Sunday we are offering free Tesla Direct service to your home or office. This is an exciting opportunity to get your hands on your car sooner and without having to go pick it up. A Tesla Customer Experience Professional will drive your car to your home or office.

While the service comes on a first come, first serve basis, we believe many will decide to have their brand new entry-level electric sedan be delivered that way. Furthermore, even though Tesla states the service will be available "for free" this weekend, apparently, it'll be offered to customers throughout the week as well. However, we're not sure if the service will be a paid form of delivery system in the future. It seems that Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, loved the project as it allows customers to have their cars delivered in a super convenient manner.

And this partially negates the need for those car carriers that Tesla is now building itself.


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Gallery: Tesla Direct Delivers Model 3 To Your Door: No Car Carrier Required

Source: Electrek