How is this Tesla Model S holding up after 150,000 miles and how can you keep your Tesla in the best shape?

We've been following our good friend Sean Mitchell's used Tesla Model S story for some time now. This is the same Model S that had to have a battery replacement and the same car that Sean has admitted to not taking the best care of over the years. The situation was partly due to his job, which requires a ton of driving and a range that his car could barely handle (with the original 60-kWh battery pack). However, some of the issues were simply because Sean wasn't fully aware or educated about electric vehicle ownership and care from the beginning.

Now that Sean's been around the block (and his Tesla Model S might as well have been around the globe), he's a valuable asset to EV owners. He's learned how to better care for the car's battery, as well as apprised us of the replacement process and other information related to overall cost of ownership. In this recent video, he gives us an in-depth look at the condition of his Model S after 150,000 miles. Sean makes it clear that this is not about maintenance or ownership costs like the previous video, but rather about physical wear and tear.

While the car looks pretty darn good to us, especially at first glance, Sean reveals that it is definitely showing its age. What could he have done different? How can you plan ahead and assure that your Tesla is in tip-top condition after many years and miles?

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Model S wear over 150,000 miles (241K km)

Cost of Tesla over 130,000 miles (209K km):

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