We surely wish everyone was aware that EVs are just way better from a driver's perspective.

Yes, yes, yes ... Electric vehicles are touted for being more efficient and for saving the environment, due to a lack of tailpipe emissions. But, all of that aside, what about the experience of driving one? It used to be not so good with early hybrids and electric cars. Sadly, many of the masses are still misled to believe that EVs are like glorified Go-karts! However, nowadays, this just isn't the case anymore. In fact, most EVs perform way better than their ICE counterparts from any driver's perspective.

Our good friend Two Bit da Vinci has broken it all down for us. We've shared many of their videos before, and their level of knowledge, insight, and detail are unmatched among many a YouTuber in this day and age. As it turns out, EVs are leaps and bounds ahead of ICE cars when it comes to instant torque, acceleration, braking, and handling prowess. There's really very little not to like regarding the driving dynamics of most of today's electric vehicles.

The crazy part is that it has taken years of research and much troubleshooting to manufacture ICE cars that accelerate and handle well, and those that fare extraordinarily well are still few and far between (not to mention, usually expensive). Honestly, it's not an easy task. Contrariwise, even though EVs have just entered the early stages of development and acceptance, the driver-centric traits are just a given.

While electric car production is still somewhat expensive due to the segment's relative "newness," performance attributes already come standard. There's really no need to continually go back to the drawing board to figure out how to "one-up" the competition.

Video Description via Two Bit da Vinci on YouTube:

The Driving Dynamics of EVs & Gas Cars: Part 1

Today we are talking about whether EVs are actually more dynamic and better to drive than their Gasoline powered counterparts.

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