There is a reason why Tesla is leading the EV movement. 11 reasons...actually.

Bjørn Nyland recently shared thoughts on why he considers Tesla EVs the best, even today when there are growing number of competitors, most of which he's driven.

There are 11 reasons that differentiate Tesla from all or most other EVs, according to Bjørn, but feel free to add some more in the comments if you think others exist.

Here is the list:

  1. Performances (acceleration, top speed and power)
  2. Safety (always 5-stars, great crash test results)
  3. Best fast charging network (Superchargers)
  4. Support for CHAdeMO (adapter) and on-board 3-phase chargers in Europe
  5. Space - cargo (trunk + frunk) and 5+2 seats (Model S) or 7 seats (Model X)
  6. Towing - 2,250 kg (5,000 lbs)
  7. Drive assist (Autopilot)
  8. Infotainment (big touchscreens)
  9. Over-the-air-updates
  10. Thermal management system with liquid battery cooling and heating
  11. Best battery warranty - up to 8 years and unlimited mileage

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