Engineering Explained secured a partnership with Formula E to talk more about electric cars.

This is a really big deal for the segment, as Engineering Explained has come to an agreement with Formula E as part of a five-part series to discuss in detail, electric vehicles and their batteries.

Check it out and share with us in the comment section below. We can even share with Engineering Explained and see if InsideEVs may be able to secure a future partnership and get more of our questions and concerns answered.

Please feed us your questions in the comment section below so we can reach out to Engineering Explained for a potential, future agreement, and partnership. Thanks as always to InsideEVs readers and commenters for your insight and support!

Video description via Engineering Explained on YouTube:

Are electric car batteries recycled? Can batteries be re-used? Are electric cars better for the environment? Sponsored by Formula E Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! -

What happens to old electric car batteries when they wear out? Can electric car batteries be recycled, re-used, and is any of it cost effective. In this video we look at not only road cars but also race cars, and learn about what happens to electric car batteries after they can no longer provide a useful charge. We'll look at the Nissan Leaf, as well as what Formula E plans to do with the batteries from Seasons 1-4.

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