Tesla Model 3 Performance remains hot.

Around four months after opening the orders book for the Performance version of the , Tesla still receives a lot of orders for the top-of-the-line version, which is vital to making the company profitable.

According to Electrek's sources, in the past two weeks, Tesla sold 1,124 Model 3 Performance cars. In August, the ratio of all-wheel drive versions (Long Range and Long Range Performance) was 50% of the total order volume.

The cause of the most recent high demand boost for the Performance versions could have been the ending promotion of free unlimited Supercharger access through the referral program.

1,124 Model 3 Performance translates to no less than $72 million in cash (at $64,000 starting MSRP), without options.

Of course, this figure pales in comparison to the 7,000 Model 3s expected in 7 days in the San Francisco Bay Are alone, but it all adds up to more Teslas on the roads.

Source: Electrek

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