Well, this Tesla fares pretty well, despite the competition.

This is one of those strange matchups that we stumble upon from time to time. Take a fighter jet, passenger plane, Kawasaki H2R Superbike, Formula One car, three other unnamed sports cars, and a Tesla (assumed to be a Model S P100D, but unspecified). It takes place on a runway at the new airport in Istanbul, Turkey.

As you can clearly see, the vehicles are spread out and don't all start at the same time, so watching the video doesn't give you a clear cut idea of the winner. Both aircraft are way behind, but they don't seem to take off when many of the others do. The Tesla Model S, Formula One car, and Superbike all have an obvious edge at the beginning. It's crazy to see the Tesla hold its own with such strong competitors.

While the Superbike seems to blow away the competition, according to the video description, it only wins by .04 seconds. Not too shabby a performance for a Tesla sedan with room for the entire family and their luggage!

Video Description via Global News on YouTube:

Superbike wins race against fighter jet, aircraft, Tesla and Formula one car

A superbike outpaced a fighter jet, aircraft, Tesla and three sports cars, including a Redbull Formula one race car, during a two-day test race at an aerospace and technology festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Kawasaki  2R, driven by former Supersport World Champion Kenan Sofuoglu, outpaced its rivals by 0.04 seconds.

Source: Motor1 Turkey

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