This owner's Tesla Model 3 alerted him of a potential accident two car lengths ahead.

This new Tesla Model 3 owner took to Reddit to explain a recent situation involving his car's safety features. The car in question is a single-motor Model 3 Long Range without Tesla Autopilot, and he's only owned it for a few weeks, so he's not yet fully aware of all of its features. While he plans to get Autopilot down the road, he hasn't opted for the technology yet. Nonetheless, the car may have saved him from a collision.

Reddit user u/ihatevideogames shared:

So I was driving about 45mph on my way home tonight and I heard a really loud series of beeps that I’ve never heard before, almost like an emergency sound, I looked on the screen and see a car 2 cars ahead of me that’s red colored, instantly I think there’s an accident in front of me. As I brake and inch closer, indeed a car a few cars ahead of me stopped on the road dead in its tracks for no reason, it wasn’t an accident but the car just stopped and obviously made other cars brake, myself included.

We've known for some time that Tesla Autopilot "sees" cars ahead of the car you're following. We're also aware of the technology's alerts. The interesting part here is that the car alerted the driver and even though it doesn't have Autopilot. This makes sense since Autopilot is always watching and engaged behind the scenes, even if the car doesn't have the system activated (more on that below). It's fantastic, however, that it made the driver aware of the stoppage. Cars suddenly stopping like this tend to cause an abundance of collisions and even multi-car pileups.

The Model 3 just received a 5-Star safety rating from the NHTSA, with five stars in all categories. In addition, the Model 3 comes equipped with every NHTSA-recommend safety technology as standard, so you don’t have to opt for available equipment to get features like forward collision warning. CEO Musk has said all along that the car would be one of the safest on the road. Add in features like the one explained above and we've got a true winner here!

There's a wealth of information about this in the related Reddit thread. Follow the link below to check it out.

Source: Reddit


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Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Alerts For Car Stoppage Ahead, Prevents Possible Accident

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