The Tesla Model 3 Performance continues to impress on and off the track.

We really can't wait until we have a long list of incoming Tesla Model 3 Performance track videos to share, because it appears that's where this car truly shines. It's really only a matter of time, as many more people are taking delivery as we write. In the meantime, we're seeing more and more videos of the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive performance Model 3 at the drag strip. In fact, the new, popular Tesla sedan's racing coverage is currently overshadowing its quicker sibling, the Tesla Model S.

In this most recent video, we just get a short glimpse of the Model 3 Performance racing a Ford Mustang 5.0. That's really all we need to see how much quicker the Tesla is off the line, along with the fact that it stays ahead of the Ford to the race's completion. Both cars hit a top speed of about 114 mph in this quarter-mile sprint, but the Model 3 wins it by more than a second.

When the Tesla Model 3 first came to market, many people didn't consider that it may become a drag strip contender or a sought-after track car. Much to everyone's surprise, it's proving naysayers wrong.

Video Description via Vivianna Van Deerlin on YouTube:

Atco Dragway 9/14/2018 Model 3

Performance vs Mustang 5.0 Model 3P: 11.863 sec @ 114.02 mph with reaction time 0.100

Mustang 5.0: 12.452 sec @ 114.32 mph with reaction time 0.671

Model 3 won by 1.1605 sec


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