Wow did the Tesla Model 3 news stream in late last evening.

After we signed off and attempted to call it a day at InsideEVs -- though our days never really end in the usual sense -- Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to make some pretty major announcements. Late last night we learned that you can now order a mid-range Model 3, the single-motor Long Range variant is set to go away, and Full Self-Driving will also become unavailable, at least temporarily. Fortunately, our respected friend, data giant, and Twitter user Troy Teslike (@TroyTeslike) got to work deciphering data.

Our comment section lit up, as did people on Reddit, social media, and Tesla forums. The whole situation presented itself in somewhat of a confusing manner, and to be honest, we'd be lying if we said we had an ultimate grasp on exactly what is happening. Nonetheless, we made every effort to get the news out as reported and we hope to elaborate on the announcements soon.

In our InsideEVs comments section, several users tried to wrap their heads around the numbers involved in this new and surprising "mid-range" Model 3 battery option, along with the pricing, which was presented with potential credits in mind. Rather than try to provide more information before we get additional confirmation from Tesla, we've chosen to share Troy's current analysis of range figures:


Please continue to share your thoughts, calculations, and understanding of the situation in our comment section. Thanks as always to InsideEVs readers and supporters for your valued input.


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Gallery: In-Depth Look At Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range Electric Miles