Yes, electric cars should have exclusive tires, and Hankook is already on board.

Electric cars are different in many ways. Yet, automakers that strive to garner success in the segment hope to prove that they are much the same as ICE cars in so many ways. While that's true -- despite the lower ownership costs, quiet operation, instant acceleration, and convenience of fueling at home -- in some cases, continual upgrading and revamping to available equipment make a huge difference.

Efficiency is key for EVs. While it's also a thing for ICE cars, few shoppers take much notice. When it comes to EV adoption and range anxiety issues, anything that can be done to curtail that is warranted. In addition, while electric cars are notoriously quiet, you sure do hear the road noise at high speeds since there is no loud engine masking it. Moreover, the instant electric torque tends to wear on tires more quickly.

Welcome the right tires for your EV and you'll not only enjoy longer range, but also not have to deal with excess road noise. As Medium points out, automakers like Tesla and Chevrolet put tons of time and effort into testing these cars to assure that range is of the utmost, cabin noise is deadened, and the tires will actually last.

The publication goes on to say that Goodyear, among others, has already come out with EV tires that hope to combat all of the above. Moreover, Hankook has just released a competing, revolutionary tire that is specifically designed for electric vehicles. In order to be not only EV-friendly but also environmentally conscious, the Hankook Kinergy AS EV uses vegetable oil resin from trees that is better on wet roads, deals with high torque well, and improves handling and braking, not to mention the fact that it is shown to increase range.

Source: Wired

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