Kia has just revealed that its Niro EV electric crossover travels more than 300 miles per charge.

That's a hugely impressive figure, which is largely due to the efficiency of the electric vehicles offered by both Kia and partner Hyundai.

With just 64-kWh of battery capacity on board, exceeding 300 miles was not expected. Officially, the Niro EV is rated at 301 miles WLTP. It's EPA rating has not been released, but it will be a slightly lower figure.

For comparison purposes, the Hyundai Kona Electric is rated at exactly 300 miles WLTP (though we still see it listed at 292), so the Niro EV trumps it by a single mile.

The 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric will be available in the U.S. soon and offers an impressive EPA-rated 258 miles of range. So, figure a mile or two more for the Niro EV when it gets official EPA figures. Let's say 260 miles

At 260 miles, the Niro EV will be the longest range electric car offered in the U.S. without a Tesla badge, a title currently held by the Kona Electric.

The Niro EV should be available in the U.S. in early 2019.

The all-new Kia e-Niro will make its European debut at the Paris Motor Show and will go on sale in Europe at the end of 2018.

In addition to the 64-kWh battery, a cheaper 39.2-kWh version of the Niro EV will be offered at a later date. Range for this version hasn't been released yet.

The 64-kWh version of the Niro EV features the ability to charge from empty to 80% in only 54 minutes. The car scoots to 62 mph in 7.8 seconds.

Back to the topic of efficiency, the Niro EV gets equipped with regenerative braking, Coasting Guide Control (CGC), and Predictive Energy Control (PEC). Kia stated this in regards to these systems:

“The technologies enable drivers to recharge the battery pack and maximize vehicle range when coasting or braking."

“CGC and PEC are linked to the navigation system and account for upcoming corners and topographic changes, suggesting when drivers could coast in order to harvest additional energy.”

Kia has yet to publish full pricing info for the Niro EV.

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