BMW i4 with an 80 kWh battery and RWD/AWD options?

According to the latest rumors about the upcoming all-electric, four-door midsize BMW i4 (based on the BMW i Vision Dynamics concept), the potential names could be:

  • BMW i4 80 sDrive (for rear-wheel drive)
  • BMW i4 80 xDrive (for dual motor all-wheel drive)
The "80" is expected to represent the nominal battery capacity of 80 kWh. We assume that BMW will mark the battery size to distinguish versions with different battery sizes. The lower version could be 60 kWh or something.

The i4 is expected on the market around 2021. The new 5th generation eDrive platform for BEVs will be offering ranges between 550-700 km (340-435 miles).


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