Cadillac put diesel engine development on hold.

Diesel passenger cars have been in retreat for several years and its seems that Cadillac finally realized that the trend is irreversible, as at the same time electrification is rising.

More and more manufacturers are deciding to stop offering diesel engines in further models as the natural consequence of lower sales and high costs of adopting those engines to tightening emission requirements. In the case of Cadillac, the problem is also linked to the sale of Opel by GM, as Opel took part of the costs of diesel development on itself for the group.

Cadillac President Steve Carlisle said in an interview that diesel engine development is now on hold as the program already survived quite long since Volkswagen's dieselgate. There still might be few more diesel options, but overall the new direction is electrification.

"We have been working on diesel, but the markets may be changing more quickly than we anticipated. Going forward, we will focus on electrification."

"...Carlisle confirmed the program is on hold."

Hopefully Cadillac will try harder as 186 made-in-China CT6 PHEVs sold in eight months of the year is not a big achievemnt on the plug-in market of 190,000 YTD in the U.S.

Source: Automotive News

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