Bjørn continues to test the potential of a Tesla Model S P100D.

Our Norwegian speed skating friend got ahold of a Tesla Model S P100D recently and has performed several tests. This may be because the Model 3 has taken Tesla's flagship car out of the limelight, or because Bjørn is a Model X owner, so many of his tests have been tackled in his personal Tesla: Optimus Prime. Regardless of the reason, it's nice to have some fresh Model S video content to share, aside from the daily dose of drag races.

Recently, Nyland put the Model S P100D to a simple range test. Following this, he decided to travel at 125 mph for over an hour to test out the vehicle's stamina. While the range test didn't impress him as much as one would have expected, we were happy to report that the stamina test proved that the car can go and go without overheating, which is not what was the case in the past.

Now, Bjørn wants to see if he can make it from Copenhagen to Oslo in six hours. According to Google maps, this should be the case, but remember, he'll have to charge at some point. Road tripping in an EV is still a point of contention for many naysayers. Watch the video to see if he pulls it off.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Copenhagen - Oslo challenge in Tesla Model S P100DL

According to Google Maps, traveling from Copenhagen to Oslo takes about six hours. I wanted to match that time in a Tesla Model S.


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