Someone told us EVs can't drive at high speeds for more than a few minutes without issue ...

There are still plenty of myths out there about electric vehicles. While some are truly false and have been since the beginning, others were actually true and still are true in some cases. One such criticism is that electric cars can't travel at high speeds for extended periods of time without losing steam and eventually "overheating" and having to "rest." This has been proven in Tesla vehicles in the past, but it seems the issue may have been resolved.

The Tesla Model 3 arrived and proved that an electric car can handle the drag strip and the track, hold its own even better than many expected, and not overheat. Electric car aficionado and Tesla fan Bjørn Nyland decided it was time once again to put the Tesla Model S to the test. More specifically, Nyland is in a Model S P100D with Ludicrous Plus mode. In order to prove that the car can handle high speeds and not overheat, he provides over one hour of footage. The car just keeps going on going and going.

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Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Model S P100DL driving 200 km/h, 125 mph over 1 hour

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