It's not a truck, but it can haul a lot of stuff if needed.

The Tesla Model 3, in terms of cargo capacity, is far behind both the Model S and Model X and the sedan-type setup doesn't help. However, as Tech Forum demonstrates in the video, the Model 3 is still a solid choice for hauling stuff.

The rear trunk and folded rear seats provide plenty of space, while there is still that front trunk available for smaller items.

After taking on several hundred pounds, the car is a half inch lower on its already lowered suspension, but it's ok.

The Model 3 is an electric car for the mass market, which requires it to have decent storage capacity.

We are eager to see the Model Y, which could be a killer - with a bigger trunk, ability to tow and maybe some roof racks.

And just in case you were wondering, a whole beer keg fits in the Model 3 trunk with tons of room to spare.

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