Tesla registered its biggest batch of Model 3 VINs ever

New VINs for the Tesla Model 3 are registered almost on a daily basis in batches from a few to thousands of units. The latest one was the biggest so far - 9,426 (52% were AWD).

The total number of Model 3 VINs registered now stands at 148,386, which means that the latest group represents over 6.3% of the total. As cumulative production is estimated at around 100,000, Tesla has some 48,000 VINs ready (enough for two months at 5,000 a week).

The cumulative number of VINs for all-wheel drive versions of the Model 3 stands at around 65,000 and soon will exceed rear-wheel drive versions (over 82,000 registered).

Tesla Model 3 VIN Registrations (cumulative) - October 14, 2018


Source: Model 3 VINs