It looks stunning and remains quick.

The RemetzCar’s Tesla Model S Shooting Brake, designed by London-based Niels van Roij Design, that was unveiled in June, was recently presented at Supercar Sunday in the Netherlands for the public.

The car did some track laps and drag races, proving that not only does it still look stylish after modification, but also remains quick.

There is currently just one single unit of this Tesla conversion, but we believe that at a price they will sell you one of 20 planned for production.

The video comes from Lars Mars Cars:

"RemetzCar did all the bodywork on this Tesla, which originally was a standard Model S sedan. They completely rebuilt the rear end, as well as parts of the roof. The chrome side window frames are 100% handcrafted. Quite impressive, if you ask me!"

Gallery: Watch Tesla Model S Shooting Brake In Action

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