Hopefully, it's only postponed

The Morgan EV3 electric three-wheeler will not enter production as Morgan Motor Company shelved the project because the company didn't get along with its EV supplier Frazer-Nash Energy Systems.

According to Autocar, Morgan expected a turn-key powertrain for the EV3, but realized that it's not the case and requires more in-house know-how.

The British brand remains committed to the electric future, so we believe EV3 needs some re-design work, maybe a new supplier and then, at some point in the future, those cool EVs will hit the road.

Morgan managing director Steve Morris said:

“our current EV powertrain supplier is no longer able to fulfil the project within the terms of the contract”.

"Morris insisted the EV3 is not dead, but will have to be re-evaluated. However, the company had learned from the experience, he said: “We had expected Frazer-Nash to deliver a turn-key powertrain for the EV3, but have since realised we need more EV know-how inside our Malvern headquarters. We are in the process of bolstering our EV team by bringing additional specialist resource in-house.”"

The EV3 was unveiled in 2016 with interesting specs:

  • 150 miles (240 km) of operational range
  • 20 kWh battery
  • 46 kW electric motor
  • 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than 9 seconds

Source: Autocar

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