Electric cars and smart cities will forever change our existence.

With any major transition comes good and bad consequences. Shell Oil -- as part of its #makethefuture initiative -- shares how electric vehicles could do much more than just transport people from point A to point B. We're talking about the rise of smart, connected cities here, with new technology taking hold of many aspects of daily life. For the most part, it seems Shell is trying to promote the future of electric cars.

However, attached below in the video description is a podcast related to the topic (also sponsored by Shell). It delves deeper into the potential situation and sheds light on the negatives as well. Is Shell really promoting EVs here? Is there also a separate agenda that wants us to take a step back and think about how this new technology could work to disrupt urban environments in a not-so-positive way?

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Video Description via Mashable on YouTube:

How Electric Vehicle Batteries Could Be Used to Power Entire Cities

What’s the most valuable thing inside an EV? It’s not the motor. It’s the battery.

Electric vehicle batteries could power entire homes for days. Those batteries could become the powerhouses of future cities. Listen to more here: https://bit.ly/2vdJzGE

This video is sponsored by Shell’s #makethefuture initiative.

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