What say you? Tesla warned you?

Should we reiterate? Yes, we must! Today's cars aren't fully autonomous. It may be some time before we reach Level 5 autonomy or even Level 4. C'mon, even level 3 right now is a stretch! Keep your fricking hands on or at least near the mother-fricking steering wheel and stay alert! Or at least be awake, aware, and able to take control at a moment's notice. Watching this Tesla Model S involved in a high-speed crash should surely help to wake you up. Maybe ...

Yes, there are actually some sorta autonomous cars out there and Tesla Autopilot is in the mix. However, like most other systems, Tesla doesn't ever guarantee unlimited success. Thus, we must tell you again and again that these cars cannot and will not drive themselves, nor will they avoid slamming into a stationary object. They're simply not programmed that way.

If you're not paying any attention to the road ahead, the above video is an indication of what may happen. Does this mean Tesla Autopilot sucks? No! All of these eventual self-driving systems are a work in progress. Moreover, the Tesla tech actually did warn the driver of a potential collision, although he didn't take control and react.

Fortunately, in the end, everyone in the car was okay. This is a testament to the safety of Tesla vehicles. But still ... must we say again that you have to be alert and aware and ready to intervene? Yes, we have said that again and again, as has Tesla and most other automakers that offer such driver assistance technology.

Video Description via The Dashcam Store on YouTube:

Tesla Warned You! | Full-Speed Rear-End Crash Caught on Dashcam

Tesla Model S rear-ends a stopped vehicle, captured using a BlackVue DR750S-2CH front and rear-facing dashcam.

This dashcam footage was graciously provided by our friend "G". Here's a message from the cammer:

"We weren't paying attention all. We were too focused on the chaos around us and didn't even hear our car warning us of the obstacle ahead. As you can see, we rammed right into the parked car going about 45 mph. I haven't heard words like come that from my wife's mouth in the 20 some-odd years we've been married!

Luckily, everyone was OK....aside from my Tesla of course."

Poor Tesla Model S!

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