This new Chevrolet Bolt EV video is beyond interesting and unique, mostly because of the team.

Doug DeMuro is largely and widely sought-after as one of the best car reviewers in the business and has been at it for years. He's reported on major websites, as well as independently. Aside from Alex on Autos and a few highly respected mainstream publications, he's truly become many buyers' authority on video-based vehicle reviews. So, how does he feel about the Chevrolet Bolt EV? Read forward since there's a strange twist here.

Conversely, Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage is more of an average Joe - amateur with increasing clout - that has recently come up against some huge adversity on an InsideEVs share related to the original Tesla Roadster, which was a satiric and silly video that many of our audience failed to understand. Despite Hoovies' previous and recent videos, along with his super-silly takes and personality traits, DeMuro has seemingly taken a liking to him and has since featured him in this recent video review.

Unlike many other reviews, this comes off as an interview situation, not unlike the Autoline shares. So what does Doug DeMuro think of the Chevrolet Bolt EV? Does Tyler agree? Watch the video to get the real answers. It's really pretty compelling to see these two, very opposite personalities open up and share.

Video Description via Autotrader on YouTube:

In today's episode of Hoovie and Doug Talk About Cars, Hoovie and Doug are talking about cars. Specifically, we're talking about the best new car for $50,000. In this episode, we discuss diesel versus hybrid and SUVs versus cars, and we learn that Hoovie has almost no knowledge of modern automobiles.


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