Hmm ... Bjørn Nyland asks, is the Tesla Model S P100DL range is better than the Hyundai Kona Electric?

Interestingly, it's almost as if Nyland changed the premise of his video after the fact. The title provided by Bjørn on his YouTube channel is simple, "Model S P100DL range test." But, the lead image asks us the above question. In Bjørn's own words, he specifically asks, "Hyundai Kona Electric Better Than Tesla Model S P100DL." We honestly have no clue why the featured image title doesn't match the YouTube video title, but as soon as you dial into the video, you'll realize very quickly that Nyland is comparing the range of the two cars.

Even more interestingly, as Bjørn is driving the car, he admits that there must be something weird going on with this particular Model S P100D's alignment. In addition, the weather is bad, the roads are wet, the temps are low, and the car is wearing 21-inch tires. Still, Nyland likes to share everything regardless of the situation. He knows full well that he is going to get undue flack from the Tesla community, but he could really care less.

In the end, he jokes that the Kona Electric does, in fact, have better real-world range than the Model S. Bjørn goes on to explain that the situation may have been very unfair and that Tesla fanboys are going to pitch a fit about it due to the above-mentioned situational elements. We can't imagine that Tesla fans would call Bjørn out for this test ... haha we jest, as we're laughing out loud. We can't wait for the comments on this one. Should we just turn them off now to save the hassle?

In all honesty, the point here is that Bjørn takes the time to test all of these electric cars in whatever conditions and regardless of the situation to keep us informed. Yes, make no mistake that in the real world, people will be driving these cars in different situations, varying speeds, different states of charge, different weather, contrasting states of repair, etc. etc. We still give Nyland tons of kudos for making these range videos and comparisons available. Now, do what you may with the information, but don't attack IEV or Nyland in the comment section, since all information was fairly disclosed.



Gallery: Bjørn Conducts Range Test On Tesla Model S P100D

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Gallery: Bjørn Conducts Range Test On Tesla Model S P100D


Gallery: Bjørn Conducts Range Test On Tesla Model S P100D

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