It's worth it to trade in an old diesel in Germany to buy EVs.

Renault, apparently becomes the first foreign carmaker in Germany to offer owners of older diesel (Euro 5 or an older emissions standard) incentives between €2,000-€10,000 to buy a new Renault (all models).

As the Renault ZOE is one of the most popular models in Germany, we should now expect some improved sales there.

As we double checked, Nissan introduced incentives to trade in old diesels, too. This time the amount is up to €5,000.

If one would choose the Nissan LEAF, you can get €5,400 (€2,000 of environmental bonus and €2,380 Nissan Elektrobonus).

It's always a positive sign that diesel cars are in retreat, as a consequence electrified models will appear as the only more efficient alternative to gasoline engines.

Source: Reuters

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