We haven't heard a whole lot from mainstream automotive media about the innovative Tesla Model 3 touch screen, but here's a biggie.

Cars.com makes a point to start off its article reminding us that Tesla has always been different. The Silicon Valley electric automaker has charted its own unique path and thrown out all the "norms." One of these derivations has come with the Tesla Model 3 touch screen, which controls just about everything in the car. Moreover, it seems the automaker plans to make this the new "thing" in all upcoming vehicles, as well as in any refreshes of its current lineup.

This Tesla concept came about not only to cut costs, but to make its new car more minimalistic ... different ... futuristic. The car has no typical gauge cluster, no mid-view speedometer, and it even has a weirdly interesting (and seemingly very functional) lengthwise air vent with intuitive controls.

So, what does Cars.com think overall?

The publication breaks this review into a few obvious areas: The Good, The Bad, and The Verdict.

Let's start in an interesting backward direction here and share The Verdict. Cars reports:

The Model 3's touchscreen is the star of the interior, and it's mostly successful thanks to a thoughtful interface, useful features and rich graphics. And with Tesla's commitment to over-the-air software updates, the system should age better than most automotive screens. Even so, there's a lesson to be learned from the feature-packed screen, and it's not a new one: Just because you can put a function in a touchscreen doesn't necessarily mean you should.

With that being said, what are the Goods and the Bads (according to this review)?


  • Crisp, clear graphics
  • Responsive and intuitive "pinch-to-zoom" gestures
  • No lag
  • Great layout
  • Excellent backup camera
  • Cool " whimsical elements" like doodle pad and note taking
  • One year of free TuneIn


  • No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  • No AM radio
  • No physical buttons
  • Need to take eyes off road
  • Doesn't work with ordinary gloves
As you can obviously see, the Tesla Model 3 touch screen does more well than it does badly. Leave us your thoughts and comments below.

Source: Cars.com


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Gallery: Cars.com Conducts Tesla Model 3 Touch Screen Test: It's A Star!

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