Ecotricity installed 300 fast chargers in theĀ UK.

It's been quite some time since British provider of renewable electricity, Ecotricity, started installing charging infrastructure for electric cars in 2012.

Today, the company's Electric Highway network consists of around 300 fast chargers. Fully Charged took opportunity to talk with founder and CEO of Ecotricity - Dale Vince, about the recent issues with electric vehicle charging (CCS glitches) across the UK and Europe and general progress.

As it turns out, the network already is used by some 50,000 members (which seems to be less than a third of total cumulative plug-in cars sales in UK - BEV/PHEV).

Every month chargers provide electricity for more than 1.3 million miles (the number constantly grows), but in fact - chargers are used for only 4% of the time (which sounds like 1-2 fast charging sessions a day).

Dale Vince didn't hide that the charging business is a money-losing one. For the first few years, chargers were free to use and later - when fees were applied - revenues still did not match costs. But that was expected as the entire project was to break the chicken and egg case. Let's hope it will pay off in the long term.

Other than that, Dale Vince believes that CCS plug-standard will prevail in the coming years over CHAdeMO, but of course as of today, the company provides DC chargers with both plugs.

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