Volkswagen is doing its homework before the I.D. launch

Volkswagen intends to begin mass production of electric cars in about year from now. The goal of 100,000 I.D. in the first year at an unofficial base pack of 48 kWh (or more) translates into a serious number like 4.8 GWh of batteries.

To not run the company into another crisis, Volkswagen has formed a special task force with lithium-ion battery cell supplier LG Chem.

The cells will be produced in an all-new factory in Poland. Because everything is new and the scale is so huge, every two weeks the highest-ranking EV executive from both VW & LG Chem will meet personally and discuss the progress, solve bottlenecks, etc.

"There are risks in third- and fourth-tier areas, especially in these new technologies. This is the reason why we created this task force with LG Chem,” Thomas Ulbrich, the VW brand’s management board member responsible for electric mobility, told reporters in Dresden, Germany."

Source: Automotive News

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