This new Tesla Model 3 review is well-organized and informative.

There are very short video reviews and really long ones. While the short reviews are nice to get a quick look at a car, they rarely have enough information to make any educated decisions. Conversely, the ridiculously long reviews (sometimes an hour or more) may be extremely in-depth. However, we're all busy people and we value our/your time. We understand that many folks can't sit down and watch an hour-long video on a regular basis.

This newest Tesla Model 3 review video is the perfect, happy medium. In just seven minutes, he breaks down all the important aspects of the Model 3, with nice, clear topic headings and details, along with fantastic video work.

The video covers the basics and driving, as well as suspension, Tesla Autopilot, driver profiles, the touch screen, auto high-beam headlight feature, Summon mode, Supercharging, battery cooling, home charging, "other" charging, vampire drain, and more. So, how does one feel about the Tesla Model 3 after several months of ownership and over 9,000 miles?

Video Description via Larry Benjamin on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 After 7 Months

Larry Benjamin reviews the Tesla Model 3 after owning it for 7 months and nearly 9000 miles. He talks about getting the current suspension and software features of 2018.24.


Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Video Review After 7 Months Of Ownership


Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Video Review After 7 Months Of Ownership

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