Nissan LEAF sales in Japan increased 1,292%!!!

It's been around a year since the introduction of the second-generation Nissan LEAF in Japan in October 2017. Because the preceding month was at just 202, this year in September the LEAF can enjoy an increase of sales by almost 1,300% to one of its best results ever of 2,811 (#30 best-selling model in Japan in September).

During the first nine months of 2018, Nissan sold in Japan 21,502 LEAFs (up 137% year-over-year). Sales of the second-generation mode now stand above 29,000 in 12-months in Japan.

The total number of LEAFs sold in Japan since December 2010 now stands at almost 111,000.

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan – September 2018
Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan – September 2018
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