The next-gen Tesla Roadster was spotted again.

Tesla customers, those who were taking deliveries of cars at the Hawthorne facility, had a rare opportunity to see the new Tesla Roadster and Elon Musk, who, believe it or not, was delivering some Model 3s himself.

Lucky for us, several individuals snapped some photos of the Roadster (see below).

Base Specs:

  • Acceleration 0-60 mph 1.9 sec
  • Acceleration 0-100 mph 4.2 sec
  • Acceleration 1/4 mile 8.8 sec
  • Top Speed Over 250 mph
  • Wheel Torque 10,000 Nm
  • Mile Range 620 miles
  • 200 kWh battery pack
  • Seating 4
  • Drive All-Wheel Drive (three motors - two for rear wheels, and one for front axle)
  • Base Price $200,000
  • Base Reservation $50,000
  • Founders Series Price $250,000
  • Founders Series Reservation (1,000 reservations available) $250,000

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