Forget about billions, now we're talking trillions!

According to Ron Baron, founder of Baron Capital (with $28.3 billion in assets under management) and a major Tesla shareholder (around $440 million), Tesla is going to be huge.

Baron forecasts that Tesla could be a $1 trillion company in revenue by 2030. $500 billion from the battery business and $500 billion from the car business, not even adding in the other technologies.

"I think it could be a $500 billion battery business, $500 billion car business. I give that better than 50-50 chance,"

The value of Tesla could beĀ $60 billion in three years. Sales volume is expected to be bigger (over the longer term) than any other automotive group today.

"The fact that it could be a $60 billion company in three years, I give that maybe 80 percent chance,"

"I think this is going to be the biggest car company. I think they're going to have 10 million cars, 15 million cars"

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Source: CNBC

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