Hundreds of car2go's smart EQ fortwos coming to Paris.

During the 2018 Paris Motor Show, car2go announced the launch of free-floating car sharing in Paris - the 15th city in Europe and 26th in the world.

The fleet will be fully electric and initially will consist of 400 smart EQ fortwo. It's expected that demand will be strong enough to add several hundred more cars to the Paris fleet during the course of 2019.

Paris is the perfect city for car2go, especially since smart is already very popular in the city and produced in France. car2go tries to launch its service there now because there's space for it after Autolib, with a few thousand cars, went out of business.

All-electric car2go are available also in three other cities in Europe - Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Madrid.

In total, more than 400,000 customers driven electric car2go so far over more than 79 million km (49 million miles).

"The electric vehicles not only have beneficial effects on the air quality, but the carsharing principle itself also helps cities manage traffic and parking problems. A recent study by the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology showed that each car2go vehicle on the streets of Berlin replaces up to 15 private cars. The study also indicated that the total number of private car kilometers driven in the city is significantly reduced through the use of car2go vehicles."

car2go CEO Olivier Reppert said:

“Paris offers ideal conditions for our free-floating carsharing principle. I’m certain that Paris will become a very successful car2go location. I’m really pleased that we can launch there with a fleet of fully electric smart fortwos. They are already one of the most popular vehicles in Paris – not only because they are manufactured in France, but also because they are the perfect cars for that city.”

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