Model 3 leaves all luxury and plug-in competition behind, charts with mainstream ICE passenger cars instead.

Here in the EV world, the Tesla Model 3 tends to be compared to its perceived competitors in the luxury sedan market or the plug-in market. This is understandable, but is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Moving forward, the Model 3 will be leaving most EV and luxury competition behind.

Based on numbers reported by GoodCarBadCar last month, the Model 3 charted a course for the top 5 of passenger car sales in August. This placed Model 3 sales in between the Hyundai Elantra (15,475) and the Toyota Corolla Family (26,155).

Needless to say, no plug-in vehicle has ever achieved this before. It will be quite some time before any other plug-in vehicle will pull it off.


Now it looks like the Model 3 has cleared that next hurdle and passed the Corolla Family in sales. Corolla sales dropped to 20,797 this month. Allowing the best selling electric sedan to slip by it in sales with an estimated 22,250 deliveries in September.

This, despite the fact that the Model 3 base model is not yet available and the fact that Tesla continues to have bottlenecks holding back deliveries in many U.S. locations.

So, what is the next car to be dethroned as the Model 3 climbs the passenger car sales charts? If Tesla can keep up this pace, the Honda Accord, Civic and Toyota Camry had better keep a close eye on their rearview mirrors. The Teslas are coming!


We look forward to watching the Model 3 continue to grow for the remainder of the year as Tesla launches the short-range model and extends deliveries into global markets.

Source: Toyota


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