The California-based carmaker is eyeing more room to finish electric vehicles

For Tesla, there are seemingly three obstacles the company has faced for the last several years: production issues, delivery issues and ultimately, the room to operate. While the Gigafactory posed a big boost in overall production volume, the Fremont facility still couldn't keep up with the demand. In turn, Elon Musk and his team decided to bring in an unorthodox solution to a growing problem: build a tent. While many have ridiculed both Musk and Tesla for such a solution, it clearly worked.

The tent is an easy to build, cost-effective and easy to maintain solution for what was and still is a growing problem for the U.S based carmaker. However, it helped Tesla to churn out Model 3's at an astonishing rate, building these cars like there's no tomorrow. The company even managed to hit over 5,000 Model 3 vehicles produced per week, proving all the naysayers wrong. However, it seems that the carmaker has outgrown even this solution, as a brand new tent is underway for their outbound logistics yard. In a building permit issued by the City of Fremont, Tesla is set to erect a south lot vehicle wrap tent: Install 50' wide x 80' long tent for wrapping vehicles to protect in transit.

Hopefully, this means that Tesla will (at least somewhat) be out of delivery hell to an extent. More vehicles wrapped means more vehicles on flatbeds, getting delivered to their customers. Just recently, Tesla confirmed a whopping 80,000 vehicles and 83,500 deliveries in Q3, pushing their stock to new highs. Even with the whole Elon Musk and FTC drama unfolding for the past few days. Overall, good days are ahead for Tesla it seems, and we're thrilled by that.

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