...and how does that change with different charging speeds?

As we told you yesterday, the Jaguar I-Pace, like every electric vehicle, will return different range results depending on how it is driven. For long-distance trips, it would be nice to have a good strategy that takes driving speeds and charging times into consideration. Luckily for us, electric vehicle YouTuber Bjorn Nyland has put together a video (above) that does just that. Let's take a quick look at his findings.

There is a fair amount of number crunching going on here. Nyland has taken the time, though, to not only give us estimates for different road speeds, but also with different charging speeds for both 50 kW and 100 kW stations — note: the top I-Pace charging rate is about 84 kW, but Nyland tells us that Jaguar will increase that to 100 kW and possibly higher in the near future.

Consequentially, the best speed to travel at, as well as how long you should stay connected to chargers, varies according to the charging speed you can get access to. A 100 kW DC fast charger will allow for faster driving speeds and shorter charging times than a 50 kW supply. Nyland offers up several charts throughout the video, using various configurations of the Tesla Model X for comparison. We've dropped in the most visually helpful one below.


As you can see, 50 kW DC fast chargers are far less helpful than the more powerful 100 kW stations, and they also slow down your suggested cruising speed. Luckily, as Nyland notes, despite there being a bit of chicken and egg thing going on with electric vehicles and charging facilities, the number of fast charging stations continues to increase. This means, of course, our trip speeds will also increase.

While this is great data, most owners are going to find their I-Pace does its job of carrying you about your daily routine quite well. For those longer trips, an initial amount of investigating might be in order to make sure your travel time doesn't last any longer than it needs to. Generally, though, we make the same long trips repeatedly, so only the initial journey will require any amount of planning.


Source: YouTube

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