The little guy races the big guy, and more.

Just yesterday, we shared a few Tesla Model X P100D racing videos with you. We mentioned that Tesla's biggest sibling doesn't get as much attention or racing coverage than its faster sibling, the Tesla Model S P100D. Additionally, both cars have actually been pushed aside as of late, since the Tesla Model 3 Performance has arrived. In this latest video, we get to see the hefty Model X P100D face off against the much smaller Model 3 Performance.

This video comes to us from YouTuber DAErik (Tesla owner Erik Strait), who's clearly all over the Tesla scene in multiple capacities. Lately, he's taken an affinity to hitting the drag strip in the mountains of Colorado. He seems to have a very good grasp of racing, so perhaps this is something he's been doing for many years and has just started sharing. At any rate, he can keep the exciting videos coming.

In addition to the Model 3 Performance's stint against the Model X P100D, there is also a race against an old-school 1964 Ford Falcon that's been readied for the strip. Check out the video to learn about the results.


Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Performance Races Model X P100D, Ford Falcon Drag Car

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