The stock surge is massive ahead of Tesla's official Q3 report.

Following last week's SEC lawsuit announcement, the stock plunged, but in pre-market trading it's back up big time (real-time stock ticker info here) and there's a solid reason for this.

***UPDATE: Market now open. TSLA at $305. Check here for real-time.

Over the weekend, Tesla made a last-minute push to move Model 3 deliveries at a rapid pace. The push, outlined in an email by Musk, called for an all-out Tesla team effort and we believe it was a success.

But let's examine what some analysts think of Q3 too:

RBC, Joseph Spak

Model 3 production estimate: 52,000, deliveries: 55,400

Goldman Sachs, David Tamberrino

Model 3 production estimate: 50,000, deliveries: 52,000

Cowen, Jeffrey Osborne

Model 3 deliveries: 45,000

Vertical Group, Gordon Johnson

Model 3 production: 52,582

Consumer Edge, James Albertine

Model 3 production: 50,000, deliveries: 55,000


Model 3 production: 47,500, deliveries: 52,000

Now that the analysts have chimed in, what's your take? Offer it up in Comments below.

Source: Bloomberg

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