As the owner of a Model 3 and a Tesla accessories company, I've got plenty of advice to offer new owners when it comes to protecting their new car. That said, it's always cool to see what other Model 3 owners do for vehicle protection. Kyle Field at CleanTechnica recently took delivery of his new Model 3. He tried a few of our products and shared some insights with CleanTechnica's readers.

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Above: CleanTechnica's Kyle Field took delivery of a new Model 3 and recently installed Wheel Bands (Image: CleanTechnica

Field notes, "The forums are littered with the bodies of Tesla Model 3 rims that lost a battle with curbs and I had no desire for my rims to meet a similar fate." So he went with "Wheel Bands  are universally compatible with Tesla’s aero rims, with or without the covers, as well as the 19 inch and 20 inch optional rims for the Model 3 that Tesla offers."

Above: Zac at the 'Now You Know' youtube channel walks through his experience installing Wheel Bands (Youtube: Now You Know)

It turns out the 'Now You Know' crew also took a liking to Wheel Bands and filmed the install (see above) on their Model 3. Field says of his experience: "I liked that the two-piece protectors were relatively easy to install, only requiring the rims to be clean before removing the cover of the sticky backing on the track and pressing them onto the rims... Once I had the track in place, snapping the actual protective band into place was a breeze and it clipped firmly into the track."

Above: A look at the Model 3 car cover (Image: CleanTechnica)

Field admits, "I’m not a fan of washing my car. It’s not a lazy thing, it is a water thing, so EV Annex’s car cover for the Model 3 seemed like a great option....  has built-in mesh for the charging vents in the front bumper of the Model 3 and a charging flap in the appropriate location. This lets me protect the car at night and while I’m charging for maximum clean car time and minimum water wasted on admittedly infrequent car washes."

Above: All-weather rubber mat for the Model 3 trunk (Image: CleanTechnica)

Field has a "a 7 year old and 8 year old spending hours in the back seat every week, the utility of all-weather floor mats was simply too logical to pass up." In addition, "Living at the beach, sand is everywhere and the EV Annex mats do a great job of catching the sand and containing it... The design is built to capture dirt and debris in each of the little depressions in the design."

Above: Vinyl wrap kit installed on the Model 3 console (Image: CleanTechnica)

Field points out that the glossy black finish inside the Model 3 is a "fingerprint magnet." So he decided to check out our vinyl wrap kits and warns that they're "not cheap, but it’s high-quality 3M 1080 vinyl and, remember, you get a second set included with the purchase. The wraps come in Carbon Fiber and Gun Metal Grey at present. I went with the grey for a more muted effect... I was able to get them all on successfully the first time around, so I have a spare set if I accidentally damage one in the future."

For the full review, head on over to CleanTechnica.


Source: CleanTechnicaNow You Know

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