Tesla Autopilot will change lanes on its own.

The latest v9 over-the-air software update upgrades Tesla's Autopilot system, by adding a new feature Navigate on Autopilot (Beta). It enables the car to change lines, as well as enter and exit highways automatically, if needed to reach a destination more quickly without any action from the driver. It should be able to overtake other cars by itself,too.

Of course the driver first needs to set navigation, engage Autopilot and allow Autopilot to do so, which requires reading a disclaimer. Settings enables to change lines without confirmation (yes/no) and separately speed based lane changes (disabled, mild, average, mad max).

Here are first few videos of the system in action - not the best, but that's what we've found for now (we will be scanning for more) as it is the first such feature of this type in the world, we believe.

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