There's a new mark to beat if you're trying for the record.

By now, the world knows the Tesla Model 3 Performance is lightning quick. It dusted a BMW M3 just the other day. But did you know it can rip down the 1/4-mile track in less than 11.8 seconds? Sure you did, as DragTimes laid down an 11.782 run with it against that poor Bimmer, but today there's new video and a new record.

The new record was reportedly set with the Model 3 Performance at 11.722 seconds for the quarter, an impressive figure for sure. State-of-charge was 95%, which is probably ideal for the run.

We've seen the Model 3 Performance rip to 60 MPH in a record-shattering 3.13 seconds, but up until recently, there haven't been a whole lot of attempts in the quarter. Now, with this new time set, we suspect owners will hit the tracks in droves in an attempt to gain the crown.

Video description: 

After an initial run of 11.75 seconds, The Performance Model 3 set a new 1/4 mile record at 11.72 seconds. SOC for the record-setting run was 95%.


  • R/T ... 0.010
  • 60' ... 1.853
  • 330 ... 4.936
  • 660 ... 7.514
  • MPH ... 94.45
  • 1000 ... 9.782
  • 1/4th E/T ... 11.72

The record-setting time belongs to car and driver: George Parrott, former President of the Sacramento EV association. George has been a long time and dedicated advocate of the EV movement.


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