Third times a charm! In fact, first and second times were a charm as well.

The Tesla Model 3 has been on a roll this quarter. The vehicle is selling at a clip nearly 10x the nearest competitor from a traditional automaker. Even better for Tesla, the car should continue to sell at such high volume for quite some time. The more affordable short range Model 3 has not even launched yet. Sales outside of North America have not begun yet. So hundreds of thousands of future Model 3 owners are still waiting patiently for their vehicle.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently said in a tweet:

Great word-of-mouth is why Model 3 is the best-selling electric car, despite no advertising or paid endorsements.

Well, if the experience of one lucky Tesla family is anything to go on, those still awaiting their cars have a lot to look forward to. This household brought home not one, not two, but three Model 3's.

Also of note: a first generation Nissan Leaf sits in the background of the photo reminiscing of years gone by. It too used to be the hot new affordable EV on the block.

When Gene was questioned in a reply about the costs of purchasing and maintaining all three vehicles, he provided some simple calculations:

Maybe not as much as you think. These are long range with premium interior. So $49k. Less $10k federal and state= $39k. We have free electricity as our solar system already paid for itself. $39k minus $16k/100k miles for gas= $23,000 real cost. In 250k miles, car is free!

Many Model 3 reservation holders are making the same calculations as they weigh their options. Wait for the short range model with a partial federal tax credit? Or purchase the long range RWD Model 3 today with a full credit? Decisions.

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