New spy shots hint at more than just styling.

Spare a thought for the Kia Soul EV. The first all-electric Kia that, outside of Korea, has been carrying the battery-powered flag for the marque since 2014 when it showed up at the Chicago Auto Show sporting a 27-kWh pack. Though it's been upgraded to hold a 30-kWh battery since then, it may have begun to feel neglected recently, what with all the attention being focused on its new big brother, the Niro EV. This could soon change as more details come out about the all-new 2019 version, seen above with significantly less disguise since its previous spotting. For instance, it could offer over 250 miles of range.

Now, some new spy photos indicate this will indeed be the case. And it makes sense, seeing as it will be built on the same platform as its corporate cousin, the Hyundai Kona Electric, as is the larger Niro EV. One shot, in particular, is revealing and shows a range reading of 437 km (271.5 miles) on the display with 92 percent of a full charge. Putting two and two together, we imagine the Soul should score at least as high on the EPA test as the Kona Electric, which was given a 258-mile rating.

The spy shots also give us the best idea yet about the appearance of the next-gen Soul EV. It certainly seems to retain many of its former styling cues and should be pretty recognizable as a Kia Soul EV. If, as is rumored, it comes with an all-wheel-drive option, then it may actually become a pretty hot commodity. At least, it will if priced right and built it in large enough numbers.

2019 Kia Soul EV

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Source: Autoblog


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