How about an aftermarket front spoiler for your Tesla Model 3?

The amount of aftermarket vehicle parts and kits seems to explode every day. This is especially true when it comes to Tesla vehicles and even more true of the Tesla Model 3. Let's face it, a whole ton of people are taking delivery of Tesla's popular new sedan, so it's high time for companies to offer these products. This particular mod is a front lip spoiler by Unplugged Performance that retails for $695.00.

According to Unplugged Performance:

The Unplugged Performance Model 3 Front Lip Spoiler is an easy to install upgrade to enhance the visual impact of your Model 3. The front lip attaches using factory attachment points with no cutting or drilling required. The lip is produced in a rugged impact resistant polymer, designed to take impacts and bounce back.

The front lip spoiler only lowers ground clearance by about a half an inch. This YouTuber has already lowered his Tesla Model 3 over two inches, but he doesn't seem to have an issue with car's ground clearance. Watch the video to check out the installation process.

Video Description via 4agemr2 on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Unplugged Performance Front Spoiler Installation

I am very excited to share with you my latest mod for my Tesla Model 3, Front lip (spoiler) from Unplugged Performance.

My car is on the UP "LOW" spring and I figure it's best to show how much clearance you will have even with my 2.1" drop and straight out of my driveway, don't even need to angle my car out of the driveway and still plenty of clearance left.

You can find this Front Spoiler from Unplugged Performance's website: