The European offensive by the U.S carmaker is hopefully around the corner

After taking over North American electric vehicle sales charts, it's time for the Tesla Model 3 to try and take the European market as well. The European offensive is around the corner and the U.S carmaker is seemingly gearing up for it. Just a few weeks ago, clear-cut evidence of the move was revealed: Tesla registered the first Model 3 VINs for the European market. However, this week, the automaker did another batch of registrations, undoubtedly giving us a hint that the European expansion is coming.

The information was revealed by @Model3Vins, a watchdog service dedicated to keeping track of new Tesla Model 3 VIN registrations. According to their data, Tesla registered 7 new European VINs earlier this week (116264-116270). Furthermore, the service reports that four of these were AWD (All Wheel Drive) cars, while 3 were RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) cars.

The North American and European Model 3's are basically the same. The only big difference is the charging port, as in the United States, Tesla uses its proprietary plug, while in Europe, the automaker uses a modified version of the standard Mennekes Type 2 plug.

Just a few days ago, however, several Model 3's were spotted in Europe as low volume production started and a few deliveries - supposedly to Tesla employees - were already made.

Source: Electrek

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